JP Therapy offers occupational therapy (OT) services for kids who require extra support in a variety of areas.

Following assessment, we create and implement strategies to support each client’s personal growth. Plans are specific to each child and their family. We offer solutions to help kids reach their full potential.

JP Therapy works on:

  • Mobility/Gross Motor Skills (i.e., walking, climbing stairs, throwing/catching, other whole body movements)
  • Fine Motor Skills (i.e., printing, scissor use, buttons, zippers, drawing pictures, stacking blocks)
  • Self-care (brushing teeth, toileting, bathing, dressing, feeding)
  • Executive Functioning (i.e., trouble starting or completing tasks, following multi-steps, forgetting what they just read, trouble switching tasks, time management)
  • Sensory Regulation (i.e., level of alertness in the body, interpreting information they receive from the environment)
  • Social Skills (i.e., making and maintaining friends, taking others perspectives, understanding verbal and non-verbal communication, understanding written and implied rules)
  • Emotional Regulation (difficulties managing emotions, going from 0-100 very quickly, able to calm self)

If your child would benefit from additional support, visit Become a Client to learn more. This includes completing an intake form, setting up your initial assessment and following treatment sessions. At JP Therapy, we look forward to providing occupational therapy services for kids!

How OT can help!

Want to learn more about what professionals in occupational therapy can provide? Visit the Canadian Association of Occupational Therapists for more information. Also, check out our Resources page for information on funding, grants and more.