JP Therapy – Pediatric Occupational Therapy for Kids

Pediatric occupational therapy for kids, youth and teens is about supporting activities or areas that may require extra assistance, skill development or modifications.  Our approach is client-centred; we take what’s important to you and your child and incorporate it into therapy while applying our professional knowledge and recommendations. Our goal is to provide skills and tools that improve your child’s confidence and support independence in their everyday lives.

At JP Therapy, we know it takes a team. A team made up of family, friends, health care professionals, and educators to name a few. To provide effective treatment for kids, we work in coordination with your child’s other providers.  Examples include Speech Language Pathologists, Behaviour Consultants, Teachers, Physical Therapists, Counselors, etc. We look forward to connecting with your family to learn more about your child.

Let us know how can we assist your child, youth or teen with pediatric occupational therapy (OT) services. Visit Become a Client and Meet JP prior to completing our Self-Intake Form to get the process started.