Our clinic is designed with kids and families in mind. There are several benefits to conducting therapy sessions in a clinical setting. JP Therapy strives to provide a welcoming, safe and inclusive environment for the whole family.

By participating in clinic sessions, clients are able to work on goals and strategies in all areas of their life with minimal distractions. Access to a multitude of toys and games, a variety of assessments and unique equipment is made possible in a clinical setting. Review our Services for Kids to learn more about how we can support your child.

Families are welcome to participate in therapy sessions in our treatment room, take some much needed time to relax in our casual lounge area or to play outside if other children are in attendance. Complete our Self-Intake Form to help us learn more about how we can support your child.

Getting to the Clinic

Our clinic is centrally located at 2497 Fairhall Road, Kelowna, BC. We are 5 minutes from Orchard Park Mall and 10-15 minutes from most areas of town. Ample parking is available at street level and directly outside the entrance. Please be cautious, especially in the winter, walking/driving to and from the clinic as we are located on a steep hill. Driveway access is off Packers Road. Upon arrival, please let yourself in and use the benches in the waiting room to remove your shoes prior to your appointment time.